I woke up this ‘morning’, and decided to play Slayer to work out to. I usually play the album ‘Deicide’, because a lot of the songs have a slow, grinding heaviness to them that complements my grunting while doing push-ups (4 in all, 5 on a good day). Today however, I went for the live 2-CD album and heard stuff like “This is a song about Ed, who slept, and danced, with the dead” and it gets you thinking, what crap lyrics. At what point did someone go, “well, this Ed guy, he’s a real bad-ass, sleeping with the dead and all that, but we’ve got to make him tougher. You know what, let’s say he danced with the dead as well. That’ll knock them off their feet!” Another beaut I noticed was “I’ll kill you forever”, like there’s another option!

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