A slip of gargantuan proportions

There was a good friend of my sister’s, way back when I used to drive my first car (circa 1994), who lived close by and shared a common interest with us of books, chaat (an Indian savoury dish) and Iron Maiden. She was also my sister’s classmate for a while, and they used to go to college on my sas’ grossly under-powered moped, which was the butt of many a joke. Many years later (smartly bringing this narrative back to the present day), I discovered via Yas that she was in America, so I sent her an email. Unfortunately I stored her email address under the nickname that we used to call her by at the time, which wasn’t flattering, although by no means was it meant to be offensive but rather endearing. Guess what happens next. Yes, through some interweb thingy faux pas she discovers this and, to put it mildly, is not amused. Of course, nothing one does can assuage her feelings now, so what does one do?

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