Venus Beauty Institute

I saw this French film t’other day. Basically there’s this forty-something called Angele who works with two other younger girls in a beauty salon where everyone is so pretentious and superficial. Angele has troubles of the heart (surprise!) and finds it difficult to commit to a man that her girlfriend would jump at, because (in a French accent please) “Zere eez no such theeng as Lurve. One person always gets hurt”. It ends with snow, them in a clinch, she wearing a ball-gown of Cinderella proportions (which he presented her, because what man would be desirable if he wasn’t financially secure. Oh, and of course, he’s a sculptor. Don’t they have decent jobs in France, or is everybody un pain-in-the-effing artiste?) and sparkles raining down on them from above where his ex-girlfriend has just shot out the shop’s neon sign. Awwww, bless!

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  1. bingbing

     /  4 August, 2005

    ‘no comments so far’, how come it displays ’12 comments’?

  2. the mysterious chicken

     /  4 August, 2005

    naz actually has no comments….no one reads his web log….hahahahahahahha

  3. B: If you read my ‘Site News’ you’ll find out the reason for this
    MC/Miss Y: This ‘mysterious chicken’ seems mysteriously familiar!

  4. hey, i see, ‘fraudulent behaviour’, you are this kind of person? em!

  5. MC/Miss Y: You have 10 seconds to come out with your hands up!
    B: Are you accusing me of fraud? Never! I am an honest person 🙂


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