How many planets?

I see the discovery of a tenth planet, temporarily called 2003 UB313, has gone remarkably unremarked upon. It is 97 times further from the Sun than Earth, bigger than Pluto, and what would you like to call it?
New Scientist also tells us that the risk of schizophrenia more than doubles in individuals who suffered famine in childhood. On a lighter note, the data was gathered from the “Wuhu” region of China. Maybe it’s not a coincidence.

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  1. Why everything has to do with China, even this one, the data was gathered from the “Wuhu” region of China?! hm…. I am a bit tired of that now actually. I will keep my eye on NK a lot more.

  2. Oh who cares how many of them are out there!
    Why not comment on the ‘hot girl competition’?

  3. bingbing

     /  4 August, 2005

    easy, if you like, you can use my name to name it’the tenth planet—-bingboula’

  4. Ioannis

     /  4 August, 2005

    Clearly the tenth planet already has a name:

    Tenth Planet

    You are already using it.


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