The right bait

I have every empathy for the anglers who sit in a pond all day long, trying out different bait and lures in order to get a single measly fish. That’s how I feel writing all these blogs with no comments on them except the one I force out of people sitting close by. (Like a fisherman returning home with the only fish in his basket being the one he bought at the supermarket). Perhaps I should choose another patch of water, or cast my net wider. OR USE DYNAMITE TO BLOW THE DAMN FISH OUT OF THE WATER!!

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  1. I was thinking the same thing about your blog before you post this one! It is as Jill’s post today “so sad” for you blog. For me, it is not so easy to comments on coz it is hard to understand sometimes, both the language and the content. I am just a poor fish in the wrong pool playing “who wants to be a millionaire”. Don’t blow me out of the water please. 😦

  2. Ioannis

     /  10 August, 2005

    We do read you… Just don’t blow us up!!!

  3. Miss Y

     /  10 August, 2005

    such an attention seeker!…tsk tsk..

  4. bingbing

     /  10 August, 2005

    i am here as well! even you blow me out of your pool, i can jump to another one, Jessy, yeah?

  5. No comments?! You greedy sod!! You have as many as 12 on some of your posts! Have you seen how many big fat zeros I have?! Be grateful for what you have! 😛

  6. It appears Rachel is unaware of the sordid tale behind my comments counter. I hang my head in shame as I recount the events that led me to stoop so low. Yes, I doctored the code so as to show the number 12 when in fact my comments were 0. Oh, the shame! But that’s not all. I did the same to show 13 when there was but 1 comment. My soul will be tormented forever! I am damned!

  7. Can you show me how?!

  8. Lead another ‘innocent’ person down the path of decadence and decay? I guess I could 🙂

  9. Innocent? Oh Naz. U don’t know me v well do you? 😉


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