One another

There was a young schizophrenic called Struther,
Who, when told of the death of his brother,
Said “It’s true, this is sad
But it isn’t too bad
Atleast I still have each other”

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  1. bingbing

     /  11 August, 2005

    ‘Atleast I still have each other’ does that means at least i still have another brother?

    sorry, ask such stupid question:(

  2. Hehe, no Bingboula, he’s schizophrenic, which is a mental disorder when a person believes they are more than one person. Multiple personality. It’s a joke where he is saying that he has his other personalities with him.

  3. Jessy

     /  11 August, 2005

    OH. OK. HA! HA!

  4. Actually, the whole multiple personality thing is v. rare in schizophrenia. 😛 A schizophrenic is more likely to just sit in a corner for several days without moving. Or they might go out and stab someone coz they think the whole world is conspiring against them. Until it’s too late, you just don’t know what type a person is!!
    Personally, I have 7 selves. I’m never stuck for conversation! 🙂


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