My sas got stung by a wasp while meddling with them as part of her research into animal behaviour. I says that’s the first of many! She got her first salary, and she’s getting her new 5-tom Premier drum kit delivered from Singapore. Here’s to success! Atleast someone in the family’s gonna amount to something 🙂
-Much later (circa 01:00)- Yawn! tired, I think I’ll go home and hit the pillow!

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  1. Yes, but only her brother will (with a bit of luck, God’s will, etc etc) be a MASTER.

    J/k… Congrats Yasmin.

  2. Er…, she already is one, mate. But thanks for reminding me of that! BTW, why is my name ascribed to that comment?

  3. Apologies for the name… You were still signed on on my computer!

  4. Ioannis

     /  13 August, 2005

    Interestingly, it insists as well! Let’s see now with a clear cache!


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