Wanjia and friend

We were at Jessy’s pad last night celebrating (?) the return of German Boy. Wanjia turns up with the most attractive partner and star of the night. This dog called Dim Sum (or Chow Mein, depending on your mood) was simply the friendliest dog in the world. We got some great photos on Antonia’s camera, which she’s gonna put up any moment now on her weblog.

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  1. Aaaaah, I see this is one of those blogs where you have rigged the comments tally. Dirty player aren’t you? 😛

  2. I only play games where the odds are rigged in my favour!

  3. bingbing

     /  16 August, 2005

    did you take a pic with Dim Sum, you should, coz you…..

  4. Ioannis

     /  16 August, 2005

    I still think it was the person who cooked the chicken who was the star of the night. Not only did the chicken cheer the people present, but also it fuelled Dim Sum’s excitement.

    Congrats to our great cook. In fact, who were they?

  5. Miss Y

     /  16 August, 2005

    Naz, get cracking on your dissertation!!!!

  6. Ioannis

     /  17 August, 2005

    What dissertation? He’s almost finished


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