Dutch Masters

There’s only one Rijk’s Museum, and it was host to me! A warm sunny day ’twas today, so I slapped a ton of sunblock on my visage and headed off to spend the day indoors amongst crowds of strangers and smelling of Nivea 45 xg or summat. Unlike yesterday when I was lain on the roof of the NEMO building until cooked to a Naz Thermidor. Saw Rembrandt, Vermeer, Witte, amongst others. They said hi 😛 Delft plates and plaques, magnificant doll houses etc. A great big model of a Dutch galleon ( Oh, and they battered the British at sea, apparently) Busy day for Mr. Kodak Easy Share C340. I believe a new talent is going to burst onto the Manchester scene soon, with techniques honed in Amsterdam by studying the Dutch Masters. I’ve heard of United’s thrashing of Newcastle, and England’s humiliation of Ponting’s tourists.

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  1. Miss Y

     /  30 August, 2005

    Hope you have a picture of your Nivea 45 splashed visage! Hahaha

  2. Ioannis

     /  30 August, 2005

    The Manchester scene is pretty saturated with already GREAT photographers mate!

    Glad you are having fun.

  3. Jessy

     /  30 August, 2005

    We are going to have a great time in A****’s! Come back ASAP!


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