Den Haag

Ok, Amsterdam was getting a tad tiresome, so we upped sticks and offed to The Hague. Saw the International Justice building, where a lone guy was standing outside protesting for the release of some guy called Gun Falan or something. I remember reading about him, but I really can’t be bothered bringing up google now to find out the whole story just so I can put it here and seem knowledgable. Saw the prison where Nobel Peace Prize candidate Mr Milosovic was holed up. Also hit the North Sea, great beaches (maybe you’ll see the pics someday) with topless sunbathers all candidates for Miss Blackpool atleast. Back in the Dam managed to fit in some canal trips before settling down at a posh Italian place where I wasn’t supposed to put my elbows on the table, and you get huge plates with no food. But I did love the Ravioli ricotta i spinaci. With butter and sage sauce. Yummax!
it’s Falun Gong, a religious movement in PRC that’s being persecuted by the govt. Surprise me!

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  1. Naz, I think you’re a man after my own heart….All your blogs seem to mention food. :)Send us a doggy bag to Greece? I’m a bit sick of Greek salads!!

  2. Ioannis

     /  31 August, 2005

    Mr Milsovic was a Nobel Peace candidate, as was Mr Bush. I don’t think either of them deserve it.

    Would be worth following this trip if only for the topless Miss Blackpools. As for food and Greek salads, I think after Rachey has cooked popcorn for you, you will appreciate it differently.


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