Ah, let me kiss this sweet Mancunian earth. As I was waiting for my luggage, I commented on how I’d never experienced any of the hilarious incidents of missing luggage, stolen stuff etc. on all my travels. Lo! I find my rucksack split open, and phone missing 😦 As well as my headphones. So I’m temporarily out of contact with all the hordes who wish to welcome me back home.
(Later on in Naz’s day)
I bought some top qwality headphones, £3.99 for both ears. I finished reading Harry Potter’s (yes, I know he didn’t write it, he’s only a kid) Order of Phoenix this morn, apparently it’s either him or Lord Volvofort that has to be killed. Surprised me, I’ll say! Also, all the teachers know that some kids are bad ‘uns, so why keep teaching them Dark Arts? So they’ll grow up and the good ‘uns will have somebody to fight? Why not screen the students? As for the magic fights, if I was a wizard confronted by a snotty-nosed, self-centred brat like Potter n Co, I’d jinx him good and proper! Cruciatus Maximus Screamus! Rowling seems to confuse magic with Star Wars sometimes, what with all the dodging of red light and green light going on.

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  1. S’ok Naz…..All of your adoring fans can welcome u back via your wonderful blog. After all, you do get at least 12 comments on each post. Right? 😛

  2. Funny you should mention that, I seem to have an army of followers out there.

  3. Ioannis

     /  1 September, 2005

    Well… I just missed my flight today! I got the next one. Never missed a flight before.

    But I have lost luggage in Kenya. We spent 3 days in the jungle without luggage, and met with a van at the junction of two mudroads, each 600km long, in the middle of nowhere, quite literally. In between zebras, I got my suitcase. All the people who had valuables in the suitcases never found them.

  4. Ahh, a zebra suitcase! 3 days in the jungle with no luggage, atleast didn’t bother you as much as it would some people. Some people, frinstance, who wear clean undies :p


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