Dinner ladies

I was forced today to reciprocate the kindness of our isom ladies by providing dinner for them. I rose to the occasion! Managed to get Ali to drive me to ASDA, where I spent a long time considering my options. Jessy had made it clear that I could cook anything as long as it was chicken. So I got some prime cuts of beef…Nah, jus’ kiddin’. I got some pieces of chicken breast, a sachet of Chargrilled Chicken and one of Bombay Potatoes. Bought some ASDA ‘stimulating drink’ to wash it down with. So the dishes of the day were Pasta Conchiglie con Chargrilled Chicky, i Patata a la Bombay. Yummax! Managed to cook it in record time as well, especially considering how hungover I was in t’morning. (Neat link into a description of last night’s shenanigans) Rayk & I went to the Cornerhouse for a movie reckoned to be one of the “great mind-fuck movies”. With accolades like that, it was irresistable. We managed to smuggle in a 4 pack of Grolsch (although it’s not exactly Fort Knox in there) and proceded to merry the time away. The movie, ‘Primer’ was absolutley amazing, have to see it atleast twice. I have to take back all my snide comments about American cinema now. We then decided to sink a few sweet ones in the Grand Central. After another couple, Rayk was ready for home, but he hadn’t counted on my persuasive charm. Revolution it was then, and when Ali joined us to head for Ponana, Rayk hardly put up any resistance at all. All in all, we were on to getting well blathered! Um.. then we caught a cab, no no, there was this cow, no, it was a kebab,… Anyway, lights out.

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  1. jessy

     /  2 September, 2005

    It is so nice! Not (only) the food but we made the man cook for us!
    I had my ‘anything as long as it is chicken’!
    I had the tiny potatoes in some sauce that I don’t know what!
    I had …what else I had? hm… that is all. In fact the whole thing is not so impressive. Naz has to work harder to impress isom ladies!

    Seriously, it is very nice and kind of Naz to cook for you in this busy time when we don’t have time to cook!

  2. jessy

     /  3 September, 2005

    put something more interesting. how come you are becoming boring after back from AM. Is anything happened that we don’t know? Is your heart back with you or still with the cute dog owner?

  3. Where would this weblog be without my precious customer Jessy? Some feedback would be appreciated. What would you like to hear about, so I can customise my weblog to suit the preferences of my best visitor.

  4. jessy

     /  3 September, 2005

    yes! tell us the story of the young and pretty girl with a “duck”!


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