Let the games begin!!!

Went to Jessy’s pad yesterday, ostensibly to say goodbye to Bingboula & German Boy. Actually it was just an excuse to watch football on the telly with some friends!! Chelsea 1-0, looks like another season they’ll be grinding out such results without any style whatsoever despite the big names they boast. Well done Scousers, although Betis threw a lot at them. Highlight of yesterday’s clashes was Kaka of AC Milan walking through a defense from midfield to score his second of the match. Lowlight was Prso of Rangers first head-butting a Porto player, for which he should’ve been sent off, then preventing the keeper from saving a goal by actually pushing his hand away!! Shame on Rangers!! Farcical comedy was two own goals in the Olympiakos-Rosenberg match, the Greek own goal was one which will remain with me for a long time to come 🙂 But the shocker of them all has to be Real Madrid going down to Lyon 3-0!! Ala Madrid?? Hasta la vista Madrid!!!
Man Utd tonight. Beer, anyone??

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  1. jessy

     /  14 September, 2005

    It is very hard for me not to be abusive on this weblog! It seems whatever I read, I can said something really bad about it!
    Anyway, as I am trying to be nice to FRIENDS, so well done, it is a nice BS post today!

  2. jessy

     /  14 September, 2005

    I am forced to leave comments!!!!!
    Help me!

    I love leaving comments!!!!!
    This is fun!

  3. Muahahaha, I have the power of veto!!! This is my palace and I’m the KING!

  4. More devious devices to make yourself appear popular Naz? Didn’t get you top spot on Google’s new blog search tho did it?! Huh, huh? 😛

  5. jessy

     /  15 September, 2005

    There is no democracy anywhere in this world. Here is a perfect example.
    Man is horrible animal, wanting to dominant and to be the king!
    Anyway, the king of boredom, would you please write something interesting so that I can leave my comments! I so much want to leave comments but there is nothing interesting here!

  6. bingbing

     /  16 September, 2005

    Naz, feel so sad you said that “Actually it was just an excuse to watch football on the telly with some friends”.

    well, i am home now, haha, but like Mahesh said, very strange to be home! missing you!

  7. jessy

     /  16 September, 2005

    That is what it called “12 Comments”.


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