There’s something about Mel B Wan Kanobi

I watched TSA Mary again. Great comedy, one of the few such films that I really like, although I must say it’s not typical in its storyline, only in the way it’s shot, if that makes sense. I mean that it’s not often you see a comedy about three stalkers, but the gags are pretty standard. I love the cheesy acting of Matt Dillon, whose part I think is extremely well-written. He loves retarded kids, as evident from-
“Those goofy bastards are about the best thing I’ve got going”, and
Matt: “I work with retards”
Mary: “Isn’t that a little politically incorrect?”
Matt: “Yeah, maybe, but hell, no one’s gonna tell me who I can and can’t work with”.

Those of you who know ginger-haired Avid Merrion (this includes you, Deutsche Boy) from Bo’ Selecta and A Bear’s Tail, must have watched yesterday’s great one. The bear and family go to the cinema to watch “Star Wars: the empire strikes black”. And there’s Michael Jackson “Shamon, mother fucker” as Michael Moonwalker, Craig Dayyyvid as Princess Leia and Mel B as Mel B Wan Kanobi. What a hilarious sketch that was. They’re in a glove-shaped spaceship, and then they spot the death star, and Mel B goes:- “That’s no moon, that’s a fookin’ Death Star. You complete set of Bahstads, you!” I love it!!!

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