Amazing change has come over my favourite town, apart from ZergbergBlasfreg, my hometown. Everywhere I see slack-jawed, gum-chewing freshers, some with their parents in tow, exploring Madchester with boggled eyes. Standing outside the Footage, I saw one mom and her son in a black Vauxhall Meriva drive the wrong way up a busy Grosvenor street. It wasn’t upto me to stop her. By the way, here’s something on the Worst Disaster to hit the US . The US is not alone in its suffering, I tell thee. I’m looking forward to a great Werner Herzog film at 1:40 tonight about what we will do if (when) Earth becomes uninhabitable.

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  1. Ioannis

     /  19 September, 2005

    When passing outside said establishment last night I realised that these freshers have come back with some wild ideas. A “newsletter” I got under my door described £1 Mondays as “the funniest night you will have all week”, hence I really recommend you to move into the market now, when the freshers are still fresh.

  2. N.B. It can only be refered to as “A fine, reputable establishment”. I might be up for a funny night tonight, to celebrate the fact that I have finally found a hook on which to hang m dissertation.


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