When I’m at home, I sometimes make little notes on my flip-pad to remind me to blog about when I come to uni and get on t’Net. Now I’ve got my pad open, so let’s see what’s there.
Starting off with yesterday’s telly (that’s practically all I do at home, watch telly and feed the cat)
ITV had a programme about the shots that shook the world, I think they named it “50 shots that shook the world in the last 50 years” (ITV is celebrating 50 years of news reporting), and quite aptly so in my humble judgement. This was of course a telephone vote so the good British Public could have their say (and the good channel ITV could make some money in their doing so).
So, top ten moments were, (amidst fanfare)
10 The toppling of the Berlin Wall
9 Liverpool FC’s comeback against AC Milan in the Champion’s League final
8 The massacre at Tian-an-men Square
7 The Ethiopian famine ’84-’85
6 Princess Diana’s wrecked car
5 England winning the World Cup in ’66
4 JFK’s assassination
3 The tsunami that struck South East Asia
2 The Apollo landing on the moon
1 The plane flying into the Twin Towers

Now, call me what you will, but there are certain patterns I see emerging. I remember a book I had last year at uni, called Theories of the Info Society. In this reader, one guy (I think it’s Habermas) mentions the power of the Western media (here we go again) and how ‘world news’ isn’t really that, and most news reports put non-Western countries in a bad light by only reporting the events of disaster and Western Aid efforts. I see 3 non-Western events listed here, and Blimey! the words ‘massacre’, ‘famine’ & ‘tsunami’ are all I see.

Oh, and of course they had a mini-documentary of New Yorkers, and how they saved each others’ lives, and one guy said “Fear is now part of our life”. Surely you knew fear before 911, when crossing Central Park even in broad daylight, mate!

Of course, this wouldn’t be a British vote if there weren’t not one, but two football events in the top ten events that shook the WORLD these 50 years gone. Err.. I thought the Champions League finals were played every year.

Talking of footie, I had this quote down in my flip-pad. The commentator is speaking of the striker Yakubu latching on to a long fast pass and then scoring – “He killed it with his first touch, buried it with his second!” Ah, it’s an art!


And does anybody know what happened to the world’s first test-tube baby??? What does she do, where is she, etc.? She ought to be around my age now. (This is where my ‘friends’ get the opening for wisecracks about my age)

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  1. English TV huh? God I miss it!!

  2. Is that all? 500 words and this is what I get?? Surely you can do better than that Rach!

  3. Ioannis

     /  29 September, 2005

    I think you can take this forward a bit. Even the western news are biased. The falling of the Berlin Wall is in the top 10, but Russia landing (first) on the moon isn’t. The planes landing on the Twin Towers is there at number one, but the tens of thousands of dead in Iraq after that, again, are not even worth mentioning…

  4. Err, Ioannis, I think you’ll find it was the Chinese who landed on the moon first. This bloke in wayback BC tied 42 rockets to a chair and lit them simultaneously. He wasn’t seen after that. If that’s not conclusive evidence, then I don’t know what is! (pictures of waving flags, maybe?)


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