He’s made a mess already!

adopt your own virtual pet!

My pet tiger Hobbes. He is sarcastic, and always hungry. And he’s not potty trained. But if you stroke him he closes his eyes in appreciation. (I’ll have you know this is not my idea, but I’m playing along in a post-modern ironic way) Ohhh, isn’t he just the cutey-wuteiest ever!!

Oh, by the way, take your raincoats to Munich, the weather’s cloudy and windy over there. Almost like a home away from home then.

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  1. jessy

     /  28 September, 2005

    What a lovely cat!
    She (must a she Naz adapted) looks very alive, not virtual at all!

  2. Hobbes is male. Verrry male!

  3. mamii

     /  28 September, 2005

    …. lalalalalala… just tot i shuld say something… hope u guys have fun on ur trip…….

  4. I start a trend and they all follow…. 😉

  5. mamii

     /  28 September, 2005

    yeah NAZ the great “COPY CAT”

  6. A warm welcome to Mamie, she finally commented!! (after secretly admiring my blog and reading it everyday and refreshing the page every 15 mins so she doesn’t miss the latest instalment from the one and only me) No pressure from me whatsoever. Absolutely. Nil. Not guilty. I wasn’t even there. I was visiting my sick great-step-grandaunt in hospital at the time. Honest.

  7. jessy

     /  30 September, 2005

    He looks gay thoughif he is male!


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