I’ve been too kind on some of you lazy lot recently, so now I’m not going to place your weblogs under my links alphabetically anymore. No, I’m going to rank you! This gives me the ultimate and absolute power and you the pathetic human need to please the one who judges you harshly (i.e. “Please love me parent/teacher/elder sibling, why dont you love me?”). The best weblogs are measured along four criteria: those that interest me, talk about me, and comment on my weblog, as well as those that update regularly. So you know what to do now, get on with it. This being me, bribes, of course, are accepted. I will also be impressed by indiscreet attempts at discrediting other competitors; after all, in my books sabotage is a perfectly valid method of gaining competitive advantage. This is all in the name of some healthy nastiness, nature red in tooth and claw.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you. Last night on BBC Radio 2 (yes, I own one of those) I heard a girl called Kate Rusby sing a song called ‘Moon Shadow’. Jeez it were good! It gave me goose fat all over my arms (or was that the kebab dripping???)

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  1. Do I not get any brownie points for it being my birthday? 😉

  2. bingbing

     /  8 October, 2005

    i have told you the reason, is it forgivable?

  3. And there they come a-crawling! Muahahaha!!! Naz is a vengeful and wrathful God!!!
    R: Birthday? I created you!!!
    B: You come before me with excuses?? Sacrifice! I demand sacrifice!!

  4. Ioannis

     /  8 October, 2005

    And where are these lnks anyway? I can’t find them anywhere!

  5. jessy

     /  9 October, 2005

    I think it is better if you put on the first one otherwise……….. The consequence is quite serious. I wouldn’t risk my life by disappointing Jessy!

  6. You WISH you were capable of creating such a figure of perfection Naz. 😛

  7. You think? That was just something I rustled up in my spare time.


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