Test your Inglish

Yesterday I went home and took part in the BBC TV quiz that tests the English of the nation. Since I have freeview (the poor man’s Sky) I thought I’d get a bit of interactive action going. Imagine my horror then, when my score was tallied and it only came to a miserable 35/70!!! Yes, the computer can’t be wrong. 7/11 for comprehension (I didn’t mind that; I’m slow at the best of times), 6/14 for spelling, 7/14 for language, 9/19 for grammar and 6/15 for words. I knew there was some thing fishy in the state of Denmark. So I sat through the boring news and waited for the blow-by-blow, tedious answer session, where I found out, to my joy, that I had actually got 58/70!! I’d throw that damn digibox and its recalcitrant remote away if I weren’t so attached to it. The best score across the nation was 68/70, a computer consultant (yippee!!). Male, obviously 😛 And the two he got wrong were collective nouns. Apparently it’s a mischief of mice, a crash of hippopotami, and an ostentation of peacocks. Being an animal lover (no, don’t be silly, not literally), I was particularly gutted for getting those wrong. I also got one question on Shakespeare wrong, and I put that down to o’erconfidence (note how I made that sound like Shakespeare. I still got it!!) 😛

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  1. You want a few lessons Naz? I charge 20 Euros an hour. 30 for you. 😛

  2. A group of Zebras are called a “dazzle”.

    I missed the Test The Nation… I’m still mildly dazed by your seemingly supranatural ability to sit through it!


  3. bingbing

     /  10 October, 2005

    I wanna tell you that not only me but also my bf are interested in you 🙂 hahaha , so can you move up my rank?:p

  4. Well done. I missed that too, but I really hate being tested for things. I would rather be blissfully unaware of how stupid I am 😉

    so, here’s a collective noun for you: a mob of kangaroos – what a scary thought 🙂

  5. R: That’s a discount of -50%. With such friends, who needs… And I’ll be better off without your Greeklish
    BoS: I sat through it with the help of a party of beers. Now there’s a collective noun for you.
    B: How can I refuse your request now?
    TS: I knew that one!! Honest! It’s also a dunce of dodos (I made that up though)

  6. What can i say? Really?
    I refused to take that test coz I know I would be piss poor at it being English is my second yet only competent language. Weird… I know.

    What would be cool is to test the Nation : on Foreign languages.


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