Don’t we just love the Chinese Government

China’s putting its second manned spaceflight up in orbit at 9am tomorrow (actually 1am our time). But foreign news crews are banned, and although they plan to broadcast around 50 hours of the flight live on state television, if the launch fails they plan to show a documentary about how other countries’ missions have failed. Vive la Republic!!!
Ooops, forgot: Thanks to NewScientist for this heads-up

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  1. Oh I like that. I can imagine the talk, “If the launch goes to plan we can stick two fingers up at every other bastard that tried and dance around in our smugness. But, if we fail, we must make sure that everyone knows that others have failed too so we don’t look bad” Crazy.

  2. jessy

     /  11 October, 2005

    I wouldn’t think it is so crazy! Many companies and individuals do the same thing too.

  3. Ioannis

     /  11 October, 2005


  4. CYA=Cover Your Ass. Page 1 in every bureacrat’s handbook of survival. But I didn’t say that, ok?

  5. Ooops … I guess I really didn’t think that last comment through enough.

  6. thats class! Do you know if they sell that on VHS?



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