Dun and dusted

I have now 2 bound copies of my dissertation in my grubby mitts. Although it’s my own child, fruit of my loins, I’m not really proud of it. But the thing is that I’m finally shot of it. I was awake all night with bleary eyes staring at the screen. Fortified with essential vitamins in Red Bull, and after a cheeky nip down to the pub for a pint or five, I sat in MBS with Mamie trying to patch the gaping wounds in my disso.
Nighty night!

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  1. Ioannis

     /  12 October, 2005

    I wish I could join the night of fun. Unfortunately, I spent about 15-16 hours on the field so I am knackered. I’ll give it a miss but I’m in for anything from Friday onwards.

  2. congratulations!!!!!

    [cue fanfare, cheering and much juggling]


  3. What will you do with your life now Naz? I mean, your dissertation had consumed everything. No time to blog, no visits to the pub, no weekends away. It was all you ever thought and breathed.
    Oh, sorry, wrong person. 😛 We all look forward to more of the same!!

  4. Rayk

     /  13 October, 2005

    hey man, good to hear that! congrats…, to mamie, too!

  5. tinks

     /  13 October, 2005

    Congrats too!!! All the best in K2 for job hunting coz i’m still fishing here.

    Rayk- why aren’t you commenting in my blogs. My blog must be really boring…

  6. Thank you my dearest friends (blinking tears from my eyes) no, it’s just something fell in my eyes, no don’t be silly, I’m not sobbing.


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