Dear Channel 5

They have a programme on tonight about people who are obsessed with sex. And apparently this woman is so obsessed that over the years she’s bedded 100,000 men. Yes, that’s one-hundred-thousand. Someone’s telling porkies here!! At a rate of one a day, I’m calculating 300 a year, a thousand in 3 years, which gives her about 300 years of sexual maturity (and desirability, but let’s not go there!) in which to accomplish said deed. Upping the ante, if we say she managed 3 a day, everyday (no breaks on Weekends and national holidays) that still makes it approx. 1000 a year, and a hundred years on her back. More than three different people a day? Ok, four? Five? I can’t see the numbers fitting! So I guess I’ll have to watch this programme to find out the truth.
(Voice at Channel five: “Heh heh! Sucker!!”)

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  1. Ioannis

     /  17 October, 2005

    Maybe she can multitask? I don’t know…

  2. She sounds like one classy bird eh?! God, I miss the quality of English TV!!


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