A busy weekend?

Nope, not at all. Managed to get some swimming done (to paraphrase the words of the great Ali, “I float like a lead weight, sink like a Russian Oscar-class atomic submarine”), which left my shoulders aching from pulling all 13 stone of me through the water.
Also went into town with Ioannis after swimming, and after a whopping great spicy chilli at The Footage, to see if something could be done about some person’s birthday. I bought an Asterix comic (the first one, ‘Asterix The Gaul’), and a Tom Holt omnibus, whcih I am presently working my way through.

Hey hey hey!!! It’s Lekha’s birthday today, many wishes for whatever it is you plan to do and all that.

Mahesh has got a weblog now, he’s an ex-Mancunian back to living in Brussels at the mo’, for those who don’t know him. He joins my ‘Links League’ table at the bottom, let’s see what he can do to win my favour!!

Looking for a new house now, since I’m leaving the one I currnently live in. Although the reason for my moving is ostensibly that the owners want to re-decorate, the reality is that I’ve extracted just about as much use as anybody can from it, and I leave it, like a cast-aside second skin, for greener (cleaner) pastures.

As I was lying on my bed, a random memory clamoured for attention from the murky depths of the slush that I like to call my brain. My sis and I use to amuse ourselves literally translating Hindi proverbs to English. My favourite? “Black letter equal to a buffalo”; meaning to an illiterate person (of which, you might be surprised, there are quite a few in India) a black aphabetic character might as well be a buffalo for all the sense it makes.

I hadn’t heard Bruce Dickenson’s ‘Tears of dragon’ for approx 7 years, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear it this weekend.

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  1. Your brain works in mysterious ways doesn’t it Naz? 😛

  2. lol those proverbs remind me of translating ukrainian swear words for people. They’re all something like “Go to my cock up and down” (that would be ‘sit and spin’. love it.


  3. How about translating from English? One that will go down very well is “Don’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs”. I don’t even understand it in English!!

  4. Anonymous

     /  18 November, 2005

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