Blog censorship

On a more serious note, I am becoming more and more aware, during the course of my daily trawl through the Interweb place “looking for jobs”, that there are more bans on blogging than I thought. Of course, we all know of harsh, dictatorial regimes where, unlike our Free West, the very routine bodily functions of Joe Public are censored. But John Dale got me thinking about the scale of the censorship phenomenon.

And here’s a selection of opinions on blog censorship.

  • One teacher’s rant against the blogging ban
  • The International Olympic Comittee bans all blogging
  • A very interesting online debate covering the major arguments
  • Sarcastic/funny not-really-bothered-by-facts opinion
  • One Non-Western country for good measure
  • Admittedly, I have done the journalistic thing and gone for the sensationalist headlines, rather than attempt to balance the sources of opinion. But those other websites were politically correct and BORING!! And of course I haven’t read them all (I barely glanced through them to glean enough information to be able to write the introductory lines to them above. Sometimes all I had to do was rephrase the headings. You can tell I’ve spent a lot of time at university). I only post this topic so you guys can feel that your opinion on this matter is priceless, thereby flooding my blog with your inane remarks and upping my popularity. Muahahaha!!

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    1. Ioannis

       /  9 November, 2005

      This is a very interesting topic (for once, in your blog). I went and commented on John Dale’s.

    2. jessy

       /  10 November, 2005

      This new site looks so different! I like it a lot!

    3. Anonymous

       /  18 November, 2005

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