Praise the heavens!!

Hallelujah!! Say it after me now!! Haaaal-lllllleeeee-lujah!! I checked my bank accounts today, (because I got some love-mail in the post from my water supplier on red stationery charging me to the tune of 160 smackeroonies) and Lo and behold! I saw with mine own eyes a Miracle!! Yes unbelievers! Repent now, before the Wrath of the Lord be upon thee!! A Miracle!! My bank has actually paid ME some money into my debit account. The princely sum of 0.01 p has been paid in as ‘net interest’!! Praise be the Lord, and all his people. I shall now settle all my earthly accounts promptly and devote the rest of my corporeal existence to the service of the Lord and his Earthly Minion, the Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation.

On another note, apparently women enjoy cartoons more than men. More specifically, New Scientist informs us it’s because initially women’s “expectation of being amused was lower”. I have often observed that men are more prepared to laugh at the absurd. But the question I ask is: What is the reason behind women having low expectations, and is it a trend that encompasses everything in a woman’s life?

I am also informed that Europe’s first Venus probe (that’s a spacecraft, not a sex toy), the Venus Express (how original!!) has been launched today.

Oh, and Jazz lovers, check out Bill Evans (if you haven’t already): Piano, with bass and drums. Simple, pero elegante! I’m ripping myself a huge collection of music gracias to the Manchester Central Library. Also got Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’; and although I prefer the live ‘Mystery White Boy’, you can see how he developed some of his songs as Grace is the earlier album.

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  1. jessy

     /  9 November, 2005

    OK. so tell us how you are going to spend all of your large sum of “net interest”. I think buying your friend a birthday present would be good. Of course with so much money, you can also help Ioannis and Johnny to buy a luxury flat in Dubai and pay for all of us going over for a holiday. I have more ideas on how to spend your “net interest” if you need help just let me know. We are all only a call away for your money consultancy.
    I am so excited about helping you to spend the money!

  2. Ioannis

     /  9 November, 2005

    Well for the flat in Dubai you will need another 13,000,000 such payments. I assume they are yearly?

  3. You know me, the Original Big Spender!! 😛

  4. Women having low expectations…Hmmm. I think the sole cause of this might be men. 😛

  5. Hahaha Rach, you fell for the sucker question!! Reel ’em in Naz, reel ’em in!! 😛

  6. My point exactly 😛

  7. Anonymous

     /  18 November, 2005
  1. Naz’s Weblog » Blog Archive » Imperialism II

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