Do I look bothered??

We’re going to get our marks at 3 p.m. Slightly elevated blood pressure, still breathing quite relaxed. I got Iron Maiden’s ‘Killers’ album out from the library, haven’t heard it in ages!!
(Later) Ok, we all passed.

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  1. And? The grand result is???

  2. jessy

     /  25 November, 2005

    Almost everyone has a Merit apart from Greek boy getting something more than that! My point is we are all smart people and Naz is just one of us, nothing especially. He didn’t look bothered but he looked a bit nervious before he entering the room for his result! Afterwards, he was calling people all over the world to tell them this good news that he didn’t fail!

  3. Congrats guys! Not that any of you needed a piece of paper to proove you had a brain in your heads!

  4. I am withdrawing my ‘congratulations’ to you Naz, the reason being that you last bothered to comment on my blog on the 17th November! Do you not realise that I check my blog at least 4 times an hour in order to read your words of genius and wisdom?! And now you’re a Master, well, I was expecting the jibberings of Einstein. But, fine, if you have no interest in my fairyness anymore, that’s ok. We’re divorced. πŸ˜›

  5. Oh Rachey, don’t say that. I promise I’ll be faithful from now on. She didn’t even mean anything to me!!!


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