We have lift-off

We have our graduation packs. We are invited to take part in a ceremony that honours our acheivements, yet curiously we have to pay for our clothes, which are prescribed to us!! At the cost of £37!! (I’m a notorius tight-ass on this subject, refer to my Chinese Year for info)

I was watching Peep Show yesterday, I like such off-the-wall humour, and the funny camera angles. As usual, right on time comes a quote

“I guess doing things you hate is just part of what you do to avoid loneliness”

He means in particular going round on the rides in an amusement park, but I think this more broadly applies to quite a few things we might hate doing 😛 (Oh, the stories I could tell!!)

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  1. I reckon 37 squid is worth it to see you in a mortar board. :-p Maybe we could hold a collection!

  2. Ioannis

     /  22 November, 2005

    If you hold a collection for them, then I want one.

  3. You’ll remember it. God help you, you’ll remember it.

  4. I want pictures. Not for myself of course *cough cough* for everybody, yes everybody. At least you don’t go to Oxford. My friend has to pay for a new gown every year. But its her own damn fault for moving up the ranks, I guess. Clever bitch.


  5. jessy

     /  25 November, 2005

    OK. You will try the superman outfit! make sure you have bloody red under!


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