Ahh, this is the good shit

Once more, I must take my hat off to Autology; it is a blog which I really enjoy reading and (if allowed, which isn’t often) commenting on. I have been lax in my surfing for a while, so all of a sudden I find myself having to catch up on all these interesting things. Go take a look, even if not being allowed to have your tuppence worth does infuriate you :p

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  1. I’ve been lax too. When I’ve caught up with your blog, I’ll give Autology a go hopefully. Its amazing how much you miss in a couple of days. I’m waaaaaayyy too involved in this blogging lark, listen to me!



  2. Well, of course this blog is good Naz….The guy is connected to Warwick Uni. Don’t you know that anybody who’s graced the presence of this little Midlands sanctuary is the best of the best? 😉


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