Vacuum cleaning

On Friday it was high jinks with me and my trusty, 1500-watt vacuum cleaner. I’m not quite sure whether the 1500 signifies the amount of electricity it’s using up, or whether it’s a measure of its suction power, but being a man I couldn’t possibly go for the 1300 or, heaven forbid, 1000 watt option. It has served me well, despite its run-in with a hot iron. But then, I don’t like to use it that often! It has special switches that allow me to vary the suction, from full down to twenty percent with four stops along the way. Now, the purpose of this switch has always baffled me. Is there any conceivable situation when you want less than full force? Like, say, when you’re picking up the baby? Or for those intimate moments when a gentle loving touch is the ticket? (I’m no expert, never, ever having tried this myself, but anecdotal evidence tells me there must be quite a few members of the ‘Love Thy Dyson Society’. It’s like women with their electric toothbrushes, I’m told). As it is, I need all the power I can get because it has to suck through a dustbag that’s bursting full. It’s not that I’m too stingy to buy new ones, I just get attached to them over time.

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  1. Ioannis

     /  6 December, 2005

    This power fader is something that has baffled me in the past as well. I once had a wicked vaccum cleaner with a transparent plastic box instead of bags. You could see the dust spinning around like a tornado when its full 1500 watts were operative. So no old bags problems. And it did not have the fader as well. Surely it was designed by a man.

  2. Allow a woman to explain this whole thing. Some people (clean people) like to vacuum everywhere in their house, and it’s useful to have a lower suction for those corners where you might accidentally suck half the plaster off the walls. Alternatively, some people (strange people) like to use their vacuum on other `delicate` areas, where you definitely don’t want 1500 watts whooping up your you-know-what. 😉
    As for the 1500 on your vacuum Naz, I imagine that is how many days ago you last picked it up. 😛


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