King Kong: The Witch, the Wardrobe, and the Goblet of Fire

I saw Narnia yesterday, after rushing to catch it from this great Italian restaurant which serves stonebaked pizzas just-a like-a Mamma used to make-a them-a. I was really bowled over, and although the service was slow, we had reason to believe it was because of the huge party they were preparing for at the adjacent tables. If you guys are good to me, I might let slip the name of this Findus Superbus. Heck, I might even take you there myself, so I can have another go.

Narnia, then. I really enjoyed it, because I had read the book so many moons ago that I was half-expecting to see a white rabbit with watch pop up. That kept the suspense factor alive for me, while the story was just predictable enough for me to pretend to remember stuff from the book (Och, the devious bugger!). It is very engrossing and believable, and top marks for acting go to the little girl who plays Lucy, although good child actors always worry me, as I might have mentioned earlier. Ok, I see I haven’t mentioned it earlier. To summarise; a good actor has to be a good phony, and it doesn’t seem right that a child should know how to switch a smile on and off at will. Or perhaps it’s the precocity of the little nippers that unsettles me.
The film is quite sanitized though; even with the obligatory CGI battle scene that all movie-going audiences demand today, there was nary a drop of blood to be seen.

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  1. Had you actually paid any attention to the book Naz, you would realise that the absence of any blood is paramount to the idea that this is a magic world. There is some debate (I think between a beaver and a faun) as to whether or not the White Witch is even human. So there. 😛
    For the record, I’m currently teaching the book to my school kids, so feel free to clarify anything you didn’t understand from this kids book. 😉


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