Parcels accepted

I know my birthday’s in Octomber (as a Greek friend of mine would pronounce it), but here’s a list of books from the biography section of Waterstone’s that I might like to own (the books, not the section). I was mooching about there looking for ways to burn the 2000 pence worth of book vouchers I have, but I have to make sure I make the most of the opportunity, and spend the minimum amount of real hard cash on top of the vouchers.
So here they are (so far; more additions are definitely planned)

  • “Are you talking to me?” John Walsh
  • “Addict” Stephen Smith
  • “10,000 miles without a cloud” Sun Shuyun
  • “Down and out in Paris and London” George Orwell
  • “A life inside” Erwin James
  • I’m currently enjoying Sue Townsend’s ‘Adrian Mole and the weapons of mass destruction’. After having read ‘The secret diaries aged 13 3/4’. I’m also trying to keep in touch with my Russki by reading Dostoevsky’s ‘Notes from the underground’, but man!! can he drag on!! I mean, what’s his problem?? Thank heavens there are explanatory notes. 4 days, and I’m still on page 7! And I wanted to get ‘War and Peace’ done over this week!! Wake up, Sunshine.

    This is one sentence

    Скажите мне вот что: отчего так бывало, что, как нарочно, в те самые, да, в те же самые минуты, в которые я наиболее способен был сознавать все тонкости «всего прекрасного и высокого», как говорили у нас когда-то, мне случалось уже не сознавать, а делать такие неприглядные деянья, такие, которые…ну да, одним словом, которые хоть и все, пожалуй, делают, но которые, как нарочно, приходились у меня именно тогда, когда я наиболее сознавал, что их совсем бы не надо делать?

    Twenty commas? I rest my case, Your Honour.

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    1. jessy

       /  7 January, 2006

      Do you mean the pretty greek girl we met in K2 now is your friend?

    2. Alas! I’m only talking about my old friend Kostaki! BTW, I thought you guys were supposed to be walking around town centre? I’m still in the library.

    3. jessy

       /  7 January, 2006

      I walked Ioannis around town. 😛

    4. The only books I seem to read are kids fiction like Philip Pullman. I did manage to get through The Lord of the Rings last year though. I was very pleased with myself, lol.

    5. I just wanted to let you know that I have started a new blog for some of my blog buddies.
      Please come by and find out more at:

      Love, turboslut x


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