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I was supposed to upload a humungous blog I wrote at home on me laptop, but this service is not obliging. So, what was I on about??

Well, first I discovered yet another member has joined our web community, it seems that they are jumping in at a crazy rate of almost one person per month!! I worry whether there’s enough space in the ether-cyber area to fit all of them! So a warm welcome to Shasha, or “Dolphin in the blue” as she’s known on the web.

I was watching a Channel Four programme on the delusions of religion. No new ground covered, it was the usual Oxford professor-ish bloke taking us through Jerusalem, the American Bible-belt, and a few interviews with radical crackpots who’ll say anything to escape looking mediocre on television. Not being religious myself, I used to find this rather entertaining not so long ago. Now I see a smugness in the approach of scientists that it seems they can ill afford. Science is supposed to be the quest for truth, and acceptance of doubt, all noble and self-satisfying. But scientists themselves often believe in something purely as a matter of faith, and thus become blind to the very logic they claim to prostate themselves before. Doctoring results is not supposed to take place, yet we have a dog called Snuppy who apparently wasn’t cloned.
So it appears that it’s not only the religious who are prone to leaps of faith in their reckonings. It might be more useful to stop attacking religions, and try to understand the broader concept of faith that human beings of all persuasions appear to display.

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  1. Faith is just another word for self-protection. In the cases of both religion and everyday life, we have faith in things because we’d basically feel crap without it. Like, “A job will turn up” or “I won’t be a loner with no friends all my life.” 🙂 If we actually admit the opposite to ourselves, what hope is there?!


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