Year of the Dog

I would like to wish all our dear friends in China and Singapore a very Happy New Year of the Dog!!! We hope (well, atleast I do) that they are enjoying a very emotional time with their close and loved ones. Yes I know I’m late in my wishes, but if you consider that this is a whole year, then being late by 4 days is equivalent to 400/365 = 1.0958904 % error.

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  1. Ioannis

     /  2 February, 2006

    Happy New Dog!

  2. jessy

     /  2 February, 2006

    It is happy new dog year!
    Anyway Happy New Year I hope I am the one you meant by “special friend in China”, not someone else in China.

  3. Someone u know

     /  2 February, 2006

    In terms of number of days per Chinese New Year, it differs every year due to the fact that it is calculated based on the moon (I think from what I can remember other people telling me ^.*) so it may be 400/(?)=(?) 😛

  4. Year of the Dog eh? That’ll make a lot of those women ooop norf happy. 😛 Oooh, the controversy!

  5. You geek!

    Happy chinese new years!


  6. I know who you are, “Someone I know”!!! You might be right as well.


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