I’ve kept you on tenterhooks…

“Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings,
These are a few of my favorite things. ”

Some I have deliberately not finished as they require more thought than is possible with Rammstein going beserkomaniacal in your brainholes.

Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life

You must be kidding. There was a time when I was a Bar Manager (pub tart) for a pub in Fallowfield, Manchester. Oh, and a brief and forgettable spell as a web designer for a stationery (that means paper and stuff, not ‘unmoving’) company that had no clue what it wanted. Ohh, I shudder!!

Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over

Difficult. This is, of course, a ephemeral list.

The Last Supper, definitely.
The Life of Brian, absolutely.

Four Places You’ve Lived

I’ve lived (proper lived, like going to school and whatnot) in

Kuwait City, Kuwait.
Bangalore, India.
Moscow, Russia.
Manchester, UK.

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch

I love The Office! And Peep Show. And I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say that I can (and do) quote just about every line from Friends, as some people already know. And the fourth??? FUTURAMA!! (my needs are simple: make me laugh)

Four Places You’ve Been On Vacation

Oh, difficult!

I lurve Amsterdam, Prague is wonderful, Venice is romantic (in a stinky sort of way in summer) and I guess Luxor is the fourth mystical one. But Munich!! Oh how can I forget Munich!!! And the beautiful island of Rugen. And I absolutely loved Vienna at night. And….

Four Blogs You Visit Daily

Well, almost daily

Ioannis V,Cherryfairy,Boudica and Turboslut

Four Of Your Favourite Foods

A strong predeliction towards spicy foods, I notice now

Chicken Tikka Karahi a la Sangam Restaurant in Rusholme
Chicken Pasta Alfredo a la Wetherspoon’s
Masala Dosa a la Punjab Restaurant in Rusholme
Green Thai Curry a la Ioannis and Naz

Four Places You’d Rather Be

I see this as not necessarily a geographical place question, so

In a place of inner contentment
In the space of someone dear
In a time with less strife
and in the Caribbean!!!! YAY!

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without

I could list four of the most seminal pieces of work, but four (only four???) albums I can’t live without are different.

Mystery White Boy – Jeff Buckley (live)
Just one night – Eric Clapton (live at the Budokan, Japan)
Exit stage left – Rush (live)

Four Vehicles You’ve Owned

Since the family I lived with in India were car dealers (importers and exporters, not pushing dope from a mobile base), I got to drive a number of exotic cars from the age of about 15. My first proper drive was in an old 1970’s Left-hand drive Mercedes 220 diesel, a right beaut she was and all in green. My first car was an Indian copy of a Suzuki Alto hatchback, with a whopping 800cc under the bonnet. Enough to transport my sis, her band and all its paraphernalia to her various gigs. I’ll try to get photo links

Four People To Be Tagged

Ioannis V,
Boudica and
Turboslut Dolphin in the blue.

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  1. Finally …..

    Sounds like you’ve had an interesting life. I love The Life of Brian. The name Biggus Dickus still makes me laugh. But I am easily amused. I love your 4 places you would rather be. I’m with you on the Caribbean trip, but that’s just because I want to be a pirate.

  2. waaay ahead ya, I’ve already done this one!

    I am SO hungry… you really shouldn’t talk about food, you know. Actually the last karahi (Indian Nights (or something) Smithdown Rd, Liverpool) was shit. But my dad’s curry this evening was surprisingly good! the man learns.


  3. This tag has really got around.

  4. Yannis

     /  18 February, 2006

    I do envy you for the places you have lived!You are a really lucky person mate!Thanks a lot for the advice regarding my future!

  5. Hurry back!!!!!!!!!!! where in godsname are you? lol


  6. I was wondering the same thing Boudica! Maybe he’s kidnapped some beautiful woman, clubbed her over the head and dragged her off to his cave? 😛

  7. Hello! First off, I’d need a cave! Secondly, it has to be done in such a way as to arouse absolutely no suspicion from the rozzers. You think i haven’t thought about it???

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