Sven’s the man!

Oh, great nail-biting victory for England against Uruguay yesterday, it was thrilling to watch. It ended 2-1, with the visitors getting ahead in the 26th minute with the goal of the year; a volley to the topleft corner from 40+ yards out. But England came back with Crouch, and then deservedly Cole got one in the 93rd minute.
Highlight of the match? well, apart from the spectacular goal by the Uruguayan Pouse, I really enjoyed watching Crouch and Wright-Phillips standing next to each other as they were waiting to be substituted. Crouch is 6’7″ and W-P isn’t an inch over 5 foot, I reckon. Haha, you can’t write such comedy!!

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  1. We are really crap at football. Does anyone else realise this or is it just me? We’re never, repeat never, going to win!

    {I figure we have to now, just to prove me wrong}


  2. I don’t think sven is the man. He is too busy lusting after hanging women to manage a football team

  3. Au contrare, it is a clear example of the man’s drive and also that he takes every chance!! 🙂


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