Busy or what?

I’ve been having a hectic life recently, what with all the legwork I’m having to do in order to find a job. Yesterday I had to go to the Post Office to buy A4 envelopes in which to place my CVs and cover letters. I also printed out my CVs on the same day! Talk about efficient management of one’s scarce resources. Ah, but then you don’t know me, my friends. Behind this calm, placid, almost bovine exterior is concealed the sharpness of wit and speed of action that a panda may well be proud of.

After gallivanting around town with Ms X, we had to rush home to cook the 5 fillets of chicken I had lounging in my fridge. (These fillets I had prepared from chicken I personally slaughtered, although catching them wasn’t half as hard as I thought it might be. The poor dears were definitely under the weather, maybe it was the flu.) WHAT? Did you really expect me to talk about chicken and NOT mention the flu??. That was made just in time for us to sneak a cheeky little dindin with Mom at Rusholme (where else?) and return home not wanting to go to Tracy’s Willy anymore. So all the Creamy Peppercorn Chicken con Asian Influenza A (H5N1) is still languishing in my fridge, although I did manage to make a considerable dent in it at around four in t’ morning.

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  1. bingbing

     /  4 March, 2006

    Naz, so nice to see ur comment on my blog, and i am really worried about you, are you serious? you slaughtered chicken by yourself? anyway, i donnot care about that! but i do care about the progress of hunting job, let me know when you get any good news!

  2. A dent in the influenza or the fridge?

  3. No Bingboula, I didn’t personally slaughter them. I wanted to joke about bird flu, so I had to talk about their health, so I had to chase and catch them, so I had to say I killed them. (How I have to struggle for my art). They were actually ASDA special value.
    I made a dent in the Creamy Peppercorn Chicken.

  4. did you punch it in the ribs then?

  5. did you punch it in the ribs then?

  6. Eggsellent. Haha! Get it?! 😛 And you thought your jokes were lame!!

  7. GROAN!!!


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