Slevin Kelevra

Yesterday Ms X, Jessy, Nalleli (Jessy’s housemate), Victor (Nalleli’s friend), another girl (who remained un-introduced so I don’t know whose friend she is) and I went to AMC to watch ‘Lucky Number Slevin’. It was a real rollercoaster ride of a movie. I was wondering how they were going to manage having such a large cast in the movie. The answer seemes to be: by killing everyone off at the first opportunity. The flick really grabs you by the gonads. There’s some really cool scenes, great one-liners. Basically a film worthy of Tarantino (Pulp Fiction) or Guy Ritchie (Snatch, etc.). And watch out for the psychedelic wallpaper everywhere!
My rating? 3 out of 10: A must see (I’m a tough customer)

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  1. Jessy

     /  6 March, 2006

    We went for this movie because it contains no sexual violence, and of course under the recommendation of Naz!
    I was almost falling asleep for the first half an hour also. It was boring and it only contains bloody killings everywhere. The English was supposed to be funny but I can barely understand it. For the bits that I did understand they are funny in a very stupid way!
    The ending was good because it started to show the connections of all the killings and all the nonsense “jokes”. The story line finally became clear. it is because Lucy Liu appeared to have a good and happy life at the end.
    It was good to be out again! Thank you for the invitation!

  2. Yes, but what a shite name for a film.

  3. X

     /  7 March, 2006

    I think Hollywood is running out of really really good films (I mean really good films) which I can not predict the end. Lucky No. Slevin was not one of these. But watching with some nice ‘people’ was good fun 😉

  4. Ioannis

     /  7 March, 2006

    And why was I not invited?

  5. jessy

     /  7 March, 2006

    You were with Mummy!

  6. I’m really glad you guys feel you can use my blog as a medium for conducting your private little conversations. Use the phone!!!

  7. Hi Naz, forgot to introduce Lety, she was with me.
    I finally found somewhere to put a comment.

    BTW, I prefered the previous design on this website, this one has a lot of boxes (makes me think you are can of squared heheheh).

  8. Richard

     /  29 September, 2006

    just dorking around on the computer and came across this……I liked the movie. Not to many movies leave you guessing on the ending…..anyways that’s about it. Just felt like saying that it’s a good movie


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