Dirty deeds

This morning, I woke myself up by playing a CD that my sister had compiled and sent me on the occasion of one of my numerous birthdays (every year, dammit! EVERY YEAR!). Song No. 7 (or 8, I’m not so sure now that I have to put my reputation on the line) was NOT by Weird Al Yankovic but by Bob Rivers and was a parody of AC DC’s song “Dirty deeds done dirt cheap”. This song was called “Dirty deeds done with sheep”, and had me rolling on the ground (I mean alone and in a totally non-sexual context). I was instantly reminded of a friend of mine (you know who you are, Rob 😛 ).

This is the middle stanza

“My friend Larry has a little lamb,
Her fleece is white as snow,
He keeps bragging about her night and day,
Someone should tell him no.
Look at the flock, they’re all in shock,
Here comes that mutton fan,
Knock off the fleece, give them some peace,
Don’t be a barnyard man.”

And then this the bridge.

“Velcro gloves, kneepads, late-night dates.
Done with sheep.
Warning signs, electric fences, high voltage.
Done with sheep.”

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  1. what happened to the old blog???

  2. Just messing around with the presentation styles; blog’s still the same.

  3. oh right….i prefer this style…there is a bit too much going on in the other one

  4. Comment received and noted. I would’ve thought this current one is a bit distracting.


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