In theory…

I forgot to tell you guys that I booked my driving theory test this Monday. It’s due for the 20th, the Monday after the next. So I’m supposed to be slogging through the test books and whatnot, only, being a Mr. Know-it-all, I figure I’m going to sail through the whole thing anyway, so why bother? After all, I’m not likely to do a Jessy and fail, am I?

Oh, and I also forgot to mention Monday’s ground-breaking Chicken Alexander The Great Salad (patent pending). Somebody only wanted lasagne, but while it was cooking she had the chance to sample my special (not a metaphor).


Required. Oh yes. Definitely. Becomes much more difficult without them.

Cooking method:

Open the packet of cooked chicken breast. Drizzle (you can pour if you don’t know how to drizzle) some olive oil into a frying pan and start browning the chicken pieces. Add croutons, or just tear up some bread, preferably the end slices because they are thicker. That’s what I did. Hovis medium, best of both. Keep shaking.

Meanwhile in another corner of the kitchen, open the packets of shredded lettuce and salad leaves. Throw them into a bowl (I used a cooking pot) and add pepper to it. Open the packet of grated cheese (ASDA sells a “Pizza and pasta cheese mix” with mozzarella, cheddar, pecorino and manchego cheeses). I had never even heard of manchego before, but it were brill! Toss them all together, and then chop up some pickled silverskin onions and chuck them in as well. I used around 8.

Jumping back to the chicken which you have been shaking all along, add some ginger and garlic paste, as well as a teaspoon of pesto. Mix well. Then dump the whole flipping deal on top of the rabbit food. Shovel some mayonnaise on top, as well as some balsamic vinegar and serve immediately.

Voila!! (French for “there you have it, you illiterate spawn of a good-for-nothing peasant”. Pronounced ‘Voy-Lah’)

Ioannis had a taste of it, and even though it was a day old he couldn’t help ranting and raving about the great taste. Go on Ioannis, tell ’em like it is.

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  1. Ioannis

     /  8 March, 2006

    I hereby testify that this was the best Chicken Ceasar – style salad ever eaten by me. Seriously. I loved it.

  2. Thank you. And it was a totally different dish called Chicken Alexander The Great Salad. Not even a tenous link to Chicken Caesar Salad.

  3. Jessy

     /  8 March, 2006

    Behind the scene:

    Ioannis: I had something horrible today that Naz made!
    Jessy: Oh what was it?
    Ioannis: I don’t know. Something chicken! Don’t go to the football tomorrow night because you will be asked to taste it and pretend it is nice!
    Jessy: OK. You go for the football and I will stay home.

  4. hahaha!! Brilliant stuff! Unfortunately you don’t know that Ioannis tasted it the same day we watched football. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!!

  5. Jessy

     /  8 March, 2006


  6. There seems to be an awful lot of packets involved in your special ‘patent pending’ recipe Naz. Are you sure that’s legal?! 😛

  7. X

     /  8 March, 2006

    you should make sure she doesnt eat too much due to your highly ranked cooking skills bcos she cant live without lasagne but now maybe also the salads! Diet diet~~~~~

  8. X:”I predict a diet, I predict a diet!”
    R: I’m a great cook at using pre-cooked stuff 😛

  9. X: I am on a Diet!!!Always!! and Forever!!


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