Enchanted life

Yep, that’s what it feels like to be in my shoes! That’s the feeling of being top cat, alpha male. Leader of the pack. Leather seats, mahogany desk. Havana cigars, 18-year-old scotch.

Gareth swung round to pick me up yesterday in time for the Champions League fixtures. We dropped in at Jessy’s to pick her up, but she was cooking something (always eating, that woman) so we went on ahead. Liverpool was on the big screen at The Footage. an eventful but goal-less first half later we were joined by Jessy, then Adam, then Miss X respectively. The pints were a-flowing, the peoples were a-talking and all was well with the world. Liverpool lost, and are out of the Champions League, Arsenal managed to hold Real Madrid and are through. Then headed home to feast on the fine chili con carne I had prepared earlier (in case we decided to go to Lara’s party). Went to sleep trying to watch ‘Mulholland Drive’ (I’ve only seen the lesbian bits) with a full belly and a sigh of contentment.

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  1. jessy

     /  9 March, 2006

    It was very boring to go with 2 boring men watching football in footage! But that man wasn’t there so it made the situation better. I was doing what he would be doing in footage for the rest of the time I stayed!
    There is a group of what they call chicks in front of me. Their asses were facing the screen and faces were facing the guys, who were facing the screen. They were there talking about all girl topics all night! What is the point!!!??
    2 pints down, I was already smiling!
    Found out some ethical issues in BooShid School! More importantly found out only one ISOM group, the rest couldn’t make it to a group!

  2. I think she means that only us ISOMers (class of 2005) are a friendly group! Yay!


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