Den Zhenshini

It was Happy Women’s Day yesterday, although none of the men even batted an eyelid at it. We managed to do the shopping for Miss X’s House Warming PARTAAAY on SATURDAAAY!!! Also remembered that The Russian Speaker’s Society held a get together at a pub next to The Footage which I had planned to pop into after yesterday’s football. But forgot to. I haven’t met any of the folk so far, even though they send emails all the time!

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  1. I see you’re faking your comment counts again Naz. Getting paranoid that nobody really cares?! 😛

  2. Fucking women’s day meant that I had to go and find a gift for my sister’s Russian teacher -a woman I have only met twice. Ug


  3. No Rach, I’d always fake my comments count if I could be bothered getting round to changing the code of my other design.
    BoS: That’s the festive spirit!

  4. jessy

     /  14 March, 2006

    “Den Zhenshini” what does that mean? It sounds Chinese for me. Are you meeting more chinese girls these days huh? hm….

  5. Den = day, zhenshini = belonging to women. Women’s day is a big thing in Russia!

  6. jessy

     /  16 March, 2006

    Oh I c. The same in China. It is a big day for women!
    China and Russia were good friends like you and me now! haha!!!


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