Adrian Mole – Superstar

Sue Townsend’s fake diaries are something. I’m reading “The Wilderness Years” where the hero turns 24. Here is an excerpt from his diary.

Norman Schwarzkopf was on television tonight, pointing a stick at an incomprehensible map. Why he was dressed in army camouflage is a mystery to me:
a) there are no trees in the desert
b) there were no trees in the briefing room
c) he is obviously too important to go anywhere near the enemy; he could go around dressed like Coco the Clown and still not be shot at

Anally retentive persons are so funny.

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  1. OOoo, Love Adrian Mole. Haven’t read that for years, I have a right mind to go to the library and take it out.


    p.s the comment thing is well annoying

  2. I write diaries too and soon I will turn 24 too!!! (2 years later) so ….


  3. What is going on??? I am not Naz, but why was the comment I published came out under his name??? Hah???

  4. I dont know what is going on but I am not Naz, this is Shasha!!!

  5. Silly computer….. Nothing more to say…..

  6. Sha: I guess I must be still logged in at your place. Go to the main index page, and scroll right to the bottom, you will see a paragraph of text on the right-hand side. There you can click on logout.

    BoS: I’m guessing you mean the comments box? What’s bothering you? Plesae be more specific about any complaints / suggestions in the future, because everything obviously looks alright from my end. You’re not suggesting I’m deliberately making life difficult for poor ole you? Because I’m not like that.

  7. Finally, I get my ‘real’ identity back 😛 😉


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