I am content….for now

My ego satisfactorily stroked, I now delay the inevitable death of this blog to appease my puny worshippers! But do not get lax in your offerings, for I am a wrathful, vengeful god, and demand ritual sacrifice!!!

Back to more mundane happenings: Yesterday on t’ telly I saw a news report (I think it was on Newsnight) about Iraq “War” veterans protesting about the goings-on, supported by some old Vietnam “War” veterans. And I’d like to pledge my full support to these guys for coming out and saying what they did at the cost of being ostracised by the very hierarchical community (the Army, dumbos) that they are part of. It reminded me of, and I will share with you, the time when, as a young child, I used to hate eating any veggies (still do), so I’d take my plate and go sit in front of the telly. I would then proceed to surreptitiously, morsel by morsel, shove the offending veggies down the side of the sofa (Oh come on! We’ve all done it). Of course said veggies would dry up and shrivel, becoming practically so much invisible dust. Eureka, I’ve stumbled onto something here, I thought. However, this process could not go on indefinitely, as the pile of assorted veggies (and occasional inedible meat) started growing considerably faster than the arms stockpile of a Cold War nation (especially considering how much veggie was forced upon poor ole me). Matters soon came to a head. The sofa was identified as the epicentre of the wafting odours. Punishment was swift and long-remembered. And I started resorting to chucking veggies out of windows while strolling around with my dinner plate. Of course, the curry-soaked near-misses resulted in some wondrous patterns on the white outside walls.
Anyhow, the morale of this story is that you can get away with murder, but not all the time, and now it’s time for the soldiers to come out and tell the truth about their “defence of America’s Freedom” (why the capital F??).

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  1. Here, here! And that’s all i’m going to say for fear of offending anyone.

  2. So, I started reading your latest posts, coz I do like to catch up on my mundanity when I’ve been away having too much of a life, but my tired brain cannot comprehend a word. Will you speak in laymen’s terms, goddamit?! Either that or have a simple translation! 😛


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