The Inside Man

Finally going to see The Inside Man. Didn’t go to Adam’s dinner party at the Syrian restaurant. Was up until all kinds of hours last night because Sha had popped in The Thomas Crown Affair (Pierce Brosnan, and Rene “Androgynous Face” Russo, VHS) because she couldn’t sleep, and that woke me up. Following which she promptly passed out on the couch, leaving me wide awake watching the whole film (and managing to polish off a round of beef noodles at 4 of the a.m.). Cracking film though, eh? You don’t get films that really have that sophistication of plot nowadays, and it’ll be nice to compare The Inside Man to it having it fresh in my mind.
It’s been an otherwise dull couple of days, if you discount the visit of Ali and the usual imbibing of hallucinogenics it entails. Actually been a bit under the weather due to having visited “The Grand Central” two nights in a row.
I should get hold of some P.G.Wodehouse soon, and then I’ll obviously be practicing his style in some of my blogs!

UPDATE:- Inside Man is very aptly titled, as the man is inside. Great film, absolutely worth every penny. For once it was unassailable plot (even by my standards) so much so that I forgot to eat the popcorn. Clive Owen and Denzel Washington play off each other so well, and Christopher Plummer is so like a white Morgan Freeman.

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  1. I liked The Thomas Crown Affair, but was it really neccesary for Pierce to get his arse out. That really turned my stomache, lol.

  2. Ioannis

     /  13 April, 2006


  3. It must be really “dull couple of days” for you despite the fact that someone was there with u almost all of the time….

  4. Really “Dull”

  5. OK, I have got the point.

  6. yeh…i saw the inside man on saturday. excellent film. I also recommend syriana…confusing but v.good. I give it two thumbs up

  7. Two thumbs up where?? :p


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