Drag record

If, like me, you were surprised a week ago by the strange but worryingly (to me) arousing sight of young nubile men walking down Wilmslow Road near Owens Park dressed in drag, then the secret of this mysterious phenomenon is now mine to share with y’all. It was 58 students attempting to set a new record in the name of charity. A record for the largest number of dancing drag queens. They cha-cha-chaed for six and a half minutes, you’ll be pleased to learn.

Found, Shared: The Magazine Photowork at The CUBE Gallery, Portland Street. This is supposed to be an exhibition of photos from the specialist magazine for photographers who complain that there’s nothing left to be photographed anymore, so you can expect a real weird bunch of snaps. Amongst them, a photograph of a number of cans containing foodstuffs from around the globe. Elk stew from the US, worms from Botswana, bee larvae from Japan. You get the picture?

My horoscope says: “You need fun, spontaneity and intellectual stimulation from your partner now and the best way to find it is either by taking a trip or planning one”. Then, of course not to let the loner singletons down, it goes on “If you are single, then expect someone surprising to enter your life when you least expect it”, thereby just shoring up their hopes that some stranger will waltz into their lives.

Oh, and crooks are using Bluetooth technology to detect laptops left hidden but switched on in cars. Of course, robbery follows this detection. And Ioannis, who recently had his sat-nav stolen, will be delighted to hear that according to Manchester Metro News, “police officers advise motorists to remove any sat-nav systems from cars, a popular new target for criminals, and to empty the glove box and leave it open”.

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  1. Ioannis

     /  13 April, 2006

    The so-called criminals can rot in hell. They can fuck right off.

  2. These criminals eh?! If only they channelled this intelligence, they could all be at Oxbridge.


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