Axe woman

Shasha, on returning from her holidays, has brought back with her a fondness for the six-stringed swinging. She bought herself an acoustic guitar on Thursday (plus carrier bag, which I must say she holds quite professionally) and promptly tore her way through her first lesson book (Guitar for Absolute Beginners). She now borrowed two more from the library and intends to torture, er please me with even more scratchings vaguely in some Q-minor key. Oh how I long to hear more of Kostas’ renditions of that timeless classic, ‘The house of the rising sun’. (Atleast, that’s what I think the song was; I only heard it a couple thousand times).

United have been comprehensively beaten 3-0 by Chelsea, who secured their Premiership title for the second time. And deservedly so. But more worryingly Rooney seems to have picked up a telling injury which puts England’s chances at half of what they previously were. Which is less than zero.

And to round it all off, here’s a very insightful view into cartoon making from Autology.

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  1. Why is it when you are learning to play the guitar you always start with The House of the Rising Sun? I tried, but failed miserably. My guitar now rests in piece in the loft.

  2. S

     /  1 May, 2006

    I decided to buy the guitar and I will be responsible for the guitar!! You watch me!!!

  3. S

     /  1 May, 2006

    btw, I do hold the guitar-in-the-carrier-bag professionally~~

    and it is not to please ‘someone’ but for self satisfaction~~

  4. Shasha: I imagine you’re much more tuneful than all of those boys put together! 🙂

  5. S

     /  3 May, 2006

    Thank you Rach!! You are the only one who understands me~~~ 😀 😀

  6. S

     /  3 May, 2006

    Now, I can play A, D, E, G, and C. Soon I will be able to play Changing Time 😀 😀

  7. I know how to kick a ball. That doesn’t make me Ronaldinho!!


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