Birthday Girl

This was the name of the movie on E4 that kept me up last night, apart from the Snooker final (well done Dott!!). Nicole Kidman as a Russian mail-order bride who comes, unknowingly to her British, bank clerk husband-to-be, with some baggage in tow. Two Russki ruffians, to be precise. Vincent Cassell was one of the baddies (was it this movie that prompted him to be casted in “Derailed” in a similar but more brutal role?? Hmmm…) and the movie is quite fun, as the British clerk (Ben Chaplin) falls in love and then is defrauded by this trio. There’s a scene where he’s berating Nicole for her role in the fraud, calling her a prostitute.

NK- “You can’t hurt me more than I already am”
BC- “Well Nadia, if it’s all the same to you, I’d really like to give it a bash”

There’s a lot of pretend Russian being spoken, at which Nicole is surprisingly good. But there’s also a lot of proper Russian dialogue from the actors which is inexplicably translated wrongly in the subtitles! It’s not as if the actors are really Russian. So how come they are speaking rehearsed lines properly, and the subtitles so off kilter?

Anyhoo. I’m continuing my tour of the planets with Ben Bova’s Sci-fi books. This time it’s Saturn. The format of all books is such:- It’s the future. Man is moving to the planets. Colonization of the planets brings about various unforeseen problems. There are certain characters who emerge heroes.
However, you do learn a lot about the planets and the direction of current exploratory thought, from the examples he uses.

Another book I’m looking forward to reading is called ‘Beasts of no nation’ by Uzodinma Iweala. I appear to have, yet again, uncovered something special. (Naz, you’re making it too difficult for people trying to be like you!)

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