Don’t nuke Iran

This is what I see in my e-mail inbox. The Greenpeace newsletter telling me “Don’t nuke Iran”. Uhh, ok.

The Iweala book ‘Beasts of no nation’ is a fascinating read, a fantastic debut. It talks about child soldiers in a senseless war between unnamed “enemies” in what is recognisably Africa. So that you can get a feel of the narrative style, I managed to find an essay called Listening to Agu where the author describes how the book came about (Agu is the main protagonist, a child-soldier). It is written in the same style used throughout the book; a kind of pidgin-broken English.
Btw, I used to be called Agu by my lil’ sis back when I was young and cherub-faced.

And here’s a little head-scratcher. The Lotto is now offering a new product called Monday Lotto or something (if I wanted to accurately search out all the facts for you, then I’d have studied journalism, you daft bints). What I’ve understood from the telly ads without actually bothering to do any further research is that this time you don’t even have to get the numbers right; the closest guess counts. Now call me cynical, but I think that this makes no difference at all to the chances of winning the lottery. This is not based on any sound statistical theory, but entirely on my cynicism and suspicion of anything advertised on the telly. But am I right?

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  1. You’re not the only one who can’t be arsed to figure out the maths! According to the website, there’s a 501,000 in 1 chance of winning, as opposed to the 14 million to 1 of the main lottery. But as the top prize of this one wouldn’t even buy you a shitty apartment in Hull (worst place I could think of), there may not be many people taking part, so your guess may well be the closest! See?! 😉

  2. apparently the £2 scratchcards are the easiest to win on. Or just be sensible and go for premium bonds.

  3. S

     /  3 May, 2006

    I am as cynical as you. Or maybe even more.

  4. Ioannis

     /  4 May, 2006

    From being antiwar we are now antinuke.

    If our success is as big as last time expect some mushrooms.

  5. S

     /  4 May, 2006

    Mushrooms?? Can I have some aubergines instead please?? geegee~~~ 😛

  6. That Monday Lotto sounds strange.


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