The best a man can get??

There’s this disturbing advertisement on telly nowadays. It has, amongst other things, a scene with a couple of men, one standing suspiciously behind the other while the one in front is holding a newspaper that completely covers their nether areas. The one behind asks “Did you feel anything?”. And then the voiceover says “It glides so smoothly you won’t feel a thing”. Ahh, it’s those homo-erotic advertising people at Gillette!!

I’ve finished ‘Beasts of no nation’, definitely recommend it. From that, I’m going on to Hemmingway, and A Farewell To Arms’. I’ve also picked up a cool-sounding book about a robber who’s obtained $100,000 but can’t spend it ‘coz he’s constantly on the run from the cops. At first I thought this book might be the inspiration for the telly show “My Name Is Earl”, but it’s different. It’s called ‘Milo’s Run’, by Danny King. I’ll let you know what it’s like, of course.

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  1. Oh, those larks at Gilette eh?! They have to take the p*ss out of themselves before somebody else does it for them!

  2. i’ll spend the £100K for him…. gimme his number.

  3. errr, Jill… it’s just fiction.. you know. Make believe…not real.


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