El Diablo con dinero!!

This is a Slanderous Mambo song to “honour” Mr. Burns by Tito Puente

Singer: Wounds won’t last long, but an insulting song
Burns will always carry with him,
So I’ll settle my score on the salsa floor,
With this vengeful Latin rhythm.

Chorus: Bu-urns!
Singer: Con un corrazon de perro. (With the heart of a dog)
Chorus: Senor Bu-urns!
Singer: El diablo con dinero. (The devil with money)

It may not surprise you,
But all of us despise you,
Please die,
And fry,
In Hell,
You rotten,
Rich old wretch,
Adios viejo!

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  1. What!! No comments?

  2. Naz, that was just a pathetic attempt to up your comment count

  3. Well Naz, so was that!


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